By Nshinka Lupupa Okay, do you remember the first time your baby had eruptions of little bumps and tiny blisters on the skin and all over their head? If your child has light skin then the bumps probably appeared red, do you remember? Well, this happens to almost every one and if it was your first […]

Window condensation, a fairly common problem in Zambia’s humid seasons, does more than obscure your view. Condensation on home windows can lead to mold growth, as well as rot wood window frames. Because it’s a sign of an unhealthily high indoor humidity level, it’s wise to take steps to solve the problem. Although double-paned windows […]

What’s worse than coming home to a frigid house or apartment after a nice night out? Not much if you ask us – and not to mention, a cold place won’t impress your date! Follow the tips below to keep your sweetheart warm this April! Curtains: Open or Closed? During the daytime, it’s important to […]

Listen up property owners. What if we told you the secret to charging between K200 – K400 extra each week was as simple as installing an air conditioning unit? Over a 1 year period, that’s an extra K12,000 to K24,000 in your pocket – sounds good right? If the house, apartment or just about any […]

Whether your valentine craves a candlelit dinner, longs for luxury goods or flips for flowers, the comfort that our NEL Air Conditioners give to your home is a gift that’s as special as your sweetheart. If you are looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat, but would like to try something other than a box of chocolates, then take a […]

The wait for the new administration is finally over. Finally, after the country decisively voted for Edgar C. Lungu, we get to start seeing him in action. And we think most people agree that it is not a moment too soon. As the economic uncertainties have worsened we have been a country without a president. Meanwhile, in […]

Just like your car, your NEL system requires regular maintenance and tune-ups to stay in top condition. As a homeowner, there are many Aircon maintenance tasks you can perform on your own to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently. In addition to these do it yourself tasks, however, it’s also important to schedule a yearly […]

AC repair might seem like the affordable option right now, but over the long run, is it really the best choice? At what point should a homeowner say enough is enough? If you are struggling with that question, here are some factors to consider. How much does the repair cost? Not all repairs are the […]

There are specific things you must do to maintain your NEL aircon system. If you fail to do these things, your system could malfunction and even breakdown. This could cost you a lot of money if you need to replace your system. Along with maintenance, it is important to know what to look for when choosing […]

As there are a number of variables affecting the correct size of airconditioner required(e.g. window area, ceiling insulation, usage of room etc.), a qualified aircon installer will need to do an on-site assessment of your particular needs. However, the following information will give you an approximate guide to the aircon capacity required for a specific […]

As the weather starts to get warmer, many homeowners realize that their existing air conditioning system isn’t as good as it should be. The little window units that served in the past just aren’t producing enough cool air to meet current needs but a lack of ductwork prevents installing a large central air conditioning system. […]

During this time of year, discomfort at home due to extreme heat makes the air inside top-of-mind for most people. Fortunately we have some great methods to help improve your home’s overall indoor comfort, some that may even surprise you. Set the fan mode on your thermostat to the ‘On’ position. Unless your home is unoccupied for an […]

We’re often asked by customers, “What can I do to prevent repair problems besides just changing the air filter?” They want to know if the breakdown could have been avoided and how. Here are a few options to help ensure your air conditioning system keeps up during peak cooling season. Turn The System Off When […]

With electricity tariffs continuing to rise, reducing the energy usage in your Zambian home can not only help the environment, but it can also help reduce monthly electricity bills. One of the easiest ways to start saving money is by upgrading your home’s current lighting system. By simply replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with newer, energy-efficient home lighting […]

Although Zambia doesn’t have the most extreme climate in Africa, it does have months of pounding heat and humidity, making it one of the best places to consider Energy Star Most Efficient NEL equipment. The Energy Star program only recognizes products that use the least amount of energy under varied circumstances. Cooling technology has improved so much over the […]

Air conditioning evaporator coil leaks can be expensive headaches for Zambian homeowners. Our long cooling season, high humidity and salty air all contribute to reducing the life of A/C equipment. As a homeowner, you can take steps to increase your Air Conditioning equipment’s useful life by minimizing the causes of evaporator coil leaks. One thing that […]

An unusually noisy air conditioner is unnerving to hear on a scorching hot afternoon. Especially if the sound you hear is an air conditioner compressor noise, you might belooking at a costly repair. Here are some common noises and what they most likely mean: Banging or clanking A loose internal part or motor mount could […]

NEL has been following public announcements by various water utility companies around the country which have been advising its customers to use water wisely as many of their boreholes and rivers are experiencing low water levels. For this reason the team at NEL Air Conditioning  thought a few water saving tips might help the country […]

When a new cooling system is on your agenda, consider an upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioning appliance. Although the initial cost may be higher, over the long life of your system, you’ll get the money back through increased comfort and lower electrical bills. Air conditioning efficiency is described by its SEER(seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. The […]

The mercury filled thermostat has been the time-tested thermostat ever since the modern age of forced air home heating. The design hasn’t changed much since the first types were available, and although reliable, they have never been the most efficient way to turn a furnace off and on during the heating season. Although a mercury […]


Hey Zambia Locals, we love you. But we’ll admit that we love you a little less when it’s 32 degrees outside. It’s bad enough that we need to change our clothes three times a day due to sheer perspiration, but worse, we have the added burden of worrying about how to keep our abodes cool. […]

Having an Air Conditioner gives you a comfortable environment with a heating and cooling switch that will help you set the temperature to your desired comfortable level within your home or office whilst at the same time reducing the humidity to eliminate the stickiness associated with our Zambian summers. This cleans your air so you can […]

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It’s Working Parents Day. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know this day existed or have been too busy packing lunches, doing school drop off, shuttling kids to activities and yes,  surviving at that other paying job called work. Today, fellow working parents, is our day.  It’s a day to put our feet up, […]

NEL Nshinka Lupupa

If you are an experienced homeowner, you should already know how easy it is for your air conditioner to break down. It contains a lot of parts that operate under pressure and a lot of wear. The thermostat is one of the most important parts. It’s responsible for setting temperatures and turning it on and […]

NEL Nshinka Lupupa

The hot season is the perfect time to start up the ceiling fans you have in your house. If you do not have ceiling fans installed, you should consider doing it :). The fans will help keep you and your family comfortable throughout the season and also help keep your cooling costs down especially at […]

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Sometime, air Conditioning is mandatory in Zambia during the hot season months. With rising electricity costs, many home owners are readjusting how they use the aircon, especially when no one is at home. There is an ongoing debate about whether it’s more efficient to keep the aircon running 24/7 at the same temperature, than to set back the aircon or […]

NEL Nshinka Lupupa

As we are making the move from the cold season, in most Zambian places air conditioners are working overtime. July was one of the months that we experienced the cold to their lowest points of the year. Zambian locals are not just having their air conditioners repaired, they are replacing them in large quantities also. […]

The benefits of Air Conditioning are to give a comfortable environment at work or at home throughout the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. An Air Conditioning unit can have two functions – heating and cooling. With an auto changeover switch on most new units, you set the temperature and the unit will cool or […]

Eco-friendliness as well as reducing electricity consumption  have become critical issues in today’s world. Extensive Research and Development in overseas facilities is continually contributing to Alliance products becoming more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Increasing numbers of our airconditioners are utilising eco-friendly R410A gas, while our Inverter models are saving up to 40% of electricity running costs. Many thousands […]